Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more camping from mano + bad hair

before I start, I am MANO! everyone calls me that so mariam or mano, whatever floats your boat, but Laima will probably always be calling me mano and ashley will probably call me mariam (she never did call me mano...well she writes it but doesn't say it but IDK)

So i never put up my pic from camping last time so I'll be doing that...
this time when we went camping it was waaaay better for me, mainly 'cause it wasn't pouring rain on our tent, and my cousins were there and we had loads of fun. We also swam and the lake was full of ALGAE and junk like that that got caught in my bathing suit but the waves were fun to jump over and junk. We also went on a boardwalk trail where we took most of "da picsz" aaaaand yeah this is getting longer than I wanted so here you gooo

this one's from last time... I have my DKNY bathing suit, a leather backpack my aunt bought me a long time ago and a high waisted skirt my mom bought me. I don't really know where anything is from
Laima's wearing... IDK I'll ask her then update
Laima, our little sister Sarah, and our cousins Masi and Yamah all walking on the boardwalk (bored walk)
Lamewads in the forest

oh, btw the trees were perfect for sitting.. I'm gonna have to post a pic of what I want to do. It's like growing trees to give them a shape using grafting. I forgot what it's called. brb google. ERGH darn it. brb sandwich. I'm back, several hours later (it's nighttime now) and my mom developed a lot of pics, including these ones
nose pickerrrr

i used to practice this a lot at daycare.. I would also try to draw the queen of england a lot and I don't know why. And I also pretended I didn't like Barnie, but it ain't a lie that Arthur was the best
Oh yes, I'm wearing a jacket or w/e of Laimas, zara shoes, old navy shorts & t shirt here.
there are plenty more pictures I would like to post but I am too too lazy.

OH and I did some back to school shopping in the states. Your taxes are lowww, homie G's! I got some white keds which ashley's grandma has a LOT of (a LOTTTT) and some sweater from target and some shirt from marshalls that I don't really like that much but it was eight bucks so whatevaaaaaa. Laima got these noice shoes that I can't walk in (the fact that my big feet hang off them doesn't help) but yeah, she did some better shopping than me. BTW school supplies are cheap there too.

alrighty then, i am oot and aboot!

P.S. MY RAP: "UNHHH homie gangsta G, I'm all gangsta in this hood and I really gotta pee and I went to the bathroom and I did a big poo, I did a big poo, now how about YOU?

P.P.S I didn't really do a big poo

P.P.P.S camping makes it uncomfortable

P.P.P.P.S I call them lincoln logs

P.P.P.P.P.S and the bathrooms stank PLUS some of them have freakie deekie spiders


ok, no really sorry click to enlarge anddddd comment

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