Thursday, August 7, 2008

j walking


Laima - dress, Costa Blanca
gladiators, somewhere in flo-rida
Ashley - sweater, H&M
tank, ricki's
tights, sirens
shoes, D squared
Mariam - shirt, THX @ winners
jeans, sirens
shoes, zara

Here's the who's who and the what's what of the NOSTYLEBOYS (zingg)
Laima is wearing the dress & gladiators
Ashley is in the green tights
& Mariam is in the floral print
now you know.

Ashley is ALWAYS ohsoFRESSHH (note the sneaker collection). I'm inspired by nike - my shoes are ballinous. I'm like Carver from the weekenders.
Mariam does the simple pimple (with a ballin jacket). My inspiration is me mam and me pa! plus my aunt is most definitely the queen of all things leather!
Laima thinks she's classy but can't afford it. I want to be my moms life and possibly her closet. I don't get inspired, I AM inspiration (kidddinnnggg conceited WOAH)

tell us watcha think, comment


Anonymous said...

WOW Laima and Mariam are the coolest!!!!!

achante/ANONYMOUS said...

kididng its Achante

Anonymous said...

lmao jks

Leh-mah said...

oh ashley
you so funny

Dee. said...

hey, love you blog.
do check out mine.

Dee-Juh-Neyy said... guys are funnnehhhh!!!
No Style Boys!!

I'm Diggin' Ya'lls Swagga'...itsz BONKERZS!!(my new word, copy righten')

Laims " I drink too much coke..i am the real noreaga" - hahah Classic

Mina gak said...

I love my creepy little cousins EVEN more now which I didn't think was possible but on accounta your being confirmed freaks, it is. I blame it on (thank?) the shukoor women, and salute us all. a toast.

chnch said...

great pix:)