Monday, September 22, 2008

it needs a strong man baby but im showing you the door

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everyone seems to be on this blog lovin tip so i thought i'd hop on the wagon and toot my flute! naw mean?

George Michael is bombs
Ashley: Today I wore a hoodie from urban behaviour, levis strauss jeans, and harajuku lovers high tops.
Mariam: I wore a sweater from target, tights I bought from stylesense and my leather converse all stars

And if you really wanna know, Ashley is wearing wilson socks. So anyway, today ashley played a game in basketball (told you she'd make the team) and she lost

oh, and my aerobics class was INTENSE


-LUUUURVE Ashley and Mariam

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have three ugly pictures pour vous! Click the image to see it larger (so you can read stuff better, you know?) I just want to say that I absolutely love winners, homesense, and stylesense. THEY ARE MY FAVE. (And H&M, too.)
I used a girlish font that I can't even remember what it's called (and I hate when people use those) but whatever, I liked it. In the last picture you can see my tights properly. P.S. life is lonely now that Laima is barely here (darned university kids)
I got these cool new tights I'm dying to wear, but I have nothing to wear with them, they're silver and floral but all silver, not floral prints. Oh silver and black. I'm not making this sound very good but you will see them some time in the near future.

P.S they were only 7 bucks, FORSOOTH!

P.S oh FRICK i look so stinkin creepy in these stinkin pictures
why the stink did I post these?


oops, homework, k pce



Monday, September 15, 2008

new shoes

I went shopping and got these new nine west shoes at winners
The shirt/dress thingamabob was a christmas present Laima got me from H&M last year, and the tight's are laima's I believe. And those are my gym shorts underneath, lol

We haven't posted in like TWELVE days, so you missed some of our outfits. Maybe we'll take pictures and post them tomorrow. maybe

oh yeah, I couldn't get my face in the picture.. i guess that might be a good thing :)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


SO yesterday was back to school but we only took cell phone pics that Ashley has so she can post away, but the camera had no batteries and we were in a rush. Today after school I took some pictures! I am wearing shorts from target, a top from Winners, leggings with little buttoney snap it in place thingies from H&M, and keds. It was pretty darned HOT today

School was pretty okay, ashley's trying out for basketball and so is our besty pal and if you knew them you would know they are OBVVV gonna make it. sans doute. speaking of french (or rather speaking french) i have civics, science, french, and history in french... but i like it

i haven't played the trombone or baritone for two months sooo i'll have to see how i do in music tomorrow! i'm takin jhaaaaaaaaz! (spirit fingers!)

i look like a psycho. I played barbies with my sister yesterday and made the grandma barbie w/o feet walk like that and she got mad. and took the barbies away. whatevaaaaah