Friday, December 19, 2008


say "helluuuuuur" to my brand new Olympus E-420
her name is sheila
actually, I haven't named her.
but still

oh, and you may have guessed that this means we'll be posting again
and also we're taking a family vaycay so ashley won't be with us :(


P.S. please try to ignore my awful nails - where's my O.P.I at? (my favourite is "berry much in love")


Daisy said...

looks kewl!!!
where did you get it?

nostyleboys said...

the camera? we got it online through points and stuff

Iina said...

i would love to get that cam:)

ps. I couldn't ignore your nails:D hehe

clairegrenade said...

ooooh, she's a beauty!

i name my cameras too!!
their names are Mighty,Oliver & Lennon