Tuesday, October 14, 2008


guess what? I didn't get a new camera, but we used Laima's (since she's around on weekends)
oh yes, HAPPY THANKSGIVING (belated)
soo we had a family thing, ate turkey, BLURBLURBLUR (blahblahblah...) so yes, blur blur blur and it was quite delicious and i loved it very much but these digital photographs are not of our delectable feast but they're from last night when me (Mariam), Laima, Ashley and my cousin went to DQ and the lake area and other places (i.e. subway, to eat subs)

I wore flats from some store...aeropostale, tights from winners, costa shirt, and a skirt me mam bought and Laima's D&G bracelet my uncle bought. you can't see it though :(
it looks like this:.
And then theres Laima who wore Lee Cooper leather high-tops, H&M faux leather jacket, $3 bandage skirt, white top and tights. And with it she wore a FAKE vintage chanel bag.
Ashley wore those cool harajuku lovers high-tops, sweater (mimi and coco) and tights from winners, aeropostale tank, and a fitted from winners also but i do not know the brand...
i should be more on top of things.

would ya look at that, I forgot to rotate
big whooop

EDIT: the fitted is new era (obv)


Flip Samsara said...

So cute! I love your pics, so cool and spontaneous.

Sammie said...

absolutely love the pictures!

rachael said...

i love the photos,
and im loving even more those bright purple tights. :)
so cute!

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks :)

No style boys !

Karissa said...

I absolutely love your pictures..! I like your Aeropostale tank.

Sharlo said...

uve been to Geneva?
haha I live there.
cool blog yo :)
shall we trade links?