Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have three ugly pictures pour vous! Click the image to see it larger (so you can read stuff better, you know?) I just want to say that I absolutely love winners, homesense, and stylesense. THEY ARE MY FAVE. (And H&M, too.)
I used a girlish font that I can't even remember what it's called (and I hate when people use those) but whatever, I liked it. In the last picture you can see my tights properly. P.S. life is lonely now that Laima is barely here (darned university kids)
I got these cool new tights I'm dying to wear, but I have nothing to wear with them, they're silver and floral but all silver, not floral prints. Oh silver and black. I'm not making this sound very good but you will see them some time in the near future.

P.S they were only 7 bucks, FORSOOTH!

P.S oh FRICK i look so stinkin creepy in these stinkin pictures
why the stink did I post these?


oops, homework, k pce




Anna Shapiro said...

hahaha nice.

im obsessed with Centruy Gothic font.

id love to trade links!

nostyleboys said...

century gothic is the bomb!
i'll add your link