Monday, September 22, 2008

it needs a strong man baby but im showing you the door

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everyone seems to be on this blog lovin tip so i thought i'd hop on the wagon and toot my flute! naw mean?

George Michael is bombs
Ashley: Today I wore a hoodie from urban behaviour, levis strauss jeans, and harajuku lovers high tops.
Mariam: I wore a sweater from target, tights I bought from stylesense and my leather converse all stars

And if you really wanna know, Ashley is wearing wilson socks. So anyway, today ashley played a game in basketball (told you she'd make the team) and she lost

oh, and my aerobics class was INTENSE


-LUUUURVE Ashley and Mariam


Laima said...

hahahaha you guys are such losers
i like it
p.s. a-hole nice sweater
& thanks for your sweater man-ho said...

i just found your blog, haha you guys are funny and its cool youre sisters :]

Nicole said...

Love this blog, it looks like you all have so much fun with it! I'd love to trade links, and I'll put you on my page right now. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Dee. said...

love your blog!
haha, such cute-in-a-dorky-way outfits(:

nostyleboys said...


Flip Samsara said...

Great photo...totally loving that hoodie, and the leggings. And pretty much everything!

holly said...

haha! i tried on a pair of steve madden oxford heels there once but they seemd like they were tried on one too many times.

mee to like 15m from the city on a good day

she like electric said...

haha, fun times in the basement. i don't know if you're in the basement. i like all of your style.

rachael said...

these are cute!
i like the converse :)

and yes, link swap for sure! said...

you have been linkedddd

nostyleboys said...

ahahaha too bad we're not in the basement

thanks for the comments :)